28 Ağustos 2007 Salı

Backstreet Boys - Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

As I gaze at the hour glass days go and all I do is think of you
And wonder where you are at night
I remember everything, every smile
And even all the reasons why you say I've pushed you out of my mind

Baby you set me, baby set me
Set adrift on memory bliss of you
Baby you set me, set adrift on memory bliss

Destiny is everything
Reality replace you with the biggest empty void you've ever had in life
I bet you say that I don't care
I bet you say that I don't even think of you
But god knows how wrong you are
Baby will you be there (baby will you be there)
Just give me time (just give me time)
To face my life (to face my life)
Baby will you be there when I open my eyes
After all the time I spent wishing you

Sadness has overwhelmed me, my mind flies, I cannot sleep
I imagine that you're happy with your life right now
I guess that's just the way it goes, our heaven's gone
So now I must place you with all the things that I could never have
Baby you set me (3x)
Set adrift on memory bliss
Set me (2x)
Come on now I know this love is true (2x)

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