28 Ağustos 2007 Salı

Babes İn Toyland - Primus

I remember way back when
Times werent this hard
No they werent this hard
And everyone had what we call
A sane mind
Roses are red
Well blood is too
And I found that out
When I needed you
Remember that one time you promised me ?
No wait it was more than once now wasnt it huh?
No wait how many promises
Little precious promises
Those precious little promises
That you have broken to me
Wheres your morals
Lost with your mind
Head must be where the sun dont shine
Wheres your morals lost with your mind
Im hanging on a rope as thin as you
Hanging on a rope as thin as you
I want you as you want me right now
In black and white
Hell cant yasee
Those black clouds linger over you and me
Are gonna kill us cant you see?
Your love has infected me
Like a big bad disease
Your love has affected me

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