28 Ağustos 2007 Salı

Akinyele - 30 Days

I never did time, committed mad crime
Only paid rhymes, but now niggaz drop dimes
Harmonizin on a homicide rap
Singin in the precinct, tryin to catch an R&B contract
Now they hit me with a one to THREE, personal-LY
conspira-CY, it don`t mean shit to ME
The time will go fast, because I`m true blue
On the DL, back home, I got a stash for Ma Duke
I stack razor blades in my shoe
Niggaz threaten to kill the Ak, if I ever come through
And I`m doin 30 more days, in this steel cage
Locked down with men that go both ways
But gays ain`t gon` grease me
My razor blade say O.P.P., niggaz in P.C. gon` know me
I`m not the everyday herb
Actions speak louder than words, so step to the verb
Fuck a pro-noun, I get down for my crown
Pass the three-pound, show it to King Clown, and watch him lounge
You know the whole PHASE
I`m about to go through the government`s MAZE
in about 30 days
You know my name, no shame in my game
Best to fly the kid champagne from Spain
About to go in, to push a BID, for wrongs I done DID
Goin away party at the CRIB
Me and my friends gonna get together
I didn`t think jail could ever, I learned to never say never
but now we just gonna party.. party..
Shit, fiesta.. for-ever..
Gun ? up on my floor
All my peeps know they got to keep they damn guns at the door
Don`t wanna get hit, with a bullet, meanin a year time in jail
if you can`t, comprehend, with the slang friend
All you do, don`t act like nuts
It don`t make no sense for the whole crew, to get locked up
Bad enough I have to go in yo
But when the shit hit the fan, debris` gotta blow
Windy days, but ain`t nothin changed but the weather
While I`m locked down, the thugs`ll write me no love letters
That`s for queers, couple of years
later gator, but hold all them crocodile tears
Because it ain`t like I`m dyin
You see I`m not marked for death, so stop the bloodclot cryin
This ain`t The Wizard of Oz where I can tap my heels and go for it
I take it slow, cause I`ll be home before you know it
I`m comin through like X-rays
in approximately, the next 30 days
But if you think I`m tryin to skip town
You best to purchase a hearing aid and ask yourself how that sound
I`m not tryin to jump bail, cause that`s the dough
that I`ma use to flip up the new connects, that I meet in jail
Politicians they all know dis
Every now and then they visit a snitch, who helped em get rich
Yeah part of the government`s plan
Lock down the man who stack grands, put him in the hand of Uncle Sam
This the stuff, you can`t trust for 30 days
I`m on a bus with niggaz that fuss over tight handcuffs
And while I`m inside, I take in stride
Livin in prison, stool pigeons know that time don`t fly
Days go by, night gets darker, but I`m a New York
Whalin on your ass like Orca
Not the Avon Lady, stay up out my face
It only take a shoelace, for a nigga to catch a new case
You get done in different ways
I`m headed for the cage
within the next 30 days
Rob Swift handles business

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