27 Ağustos 2007 Pazartesi

Adams Bryan - Inside Out

Adams Bryan - Inside Out

I've been down
I've been beat
Ive been so tired
that i could not speak
I've been so lost
that i could not see
i wanted things
that were out of reach

Then i found you
and you helped me through
and you showed me what to do
that's why
i'm coming back to you

like a star
that guids a ship
across the ocean
that's how your love
can take me home
back to you
and if i wish upon
that star
that someday
I'll be where you are
and i know that day
is coming soon
yea, I'm coming
back to you

you've been alone
but you did not
show it
you've been in pain
when i did not
know it
you let me do
what i needed to
you were there
when i needed you

mights let you down
mighta messed you round
but you never changed
your point of view
that's why I'm
coming back to you

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